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  Our Board of Directors participated in training on Intercultural Sensitivity offered by Dr. Joe Greenholtz in May 2010. The training reallyopened our eyes to new ways of looking at diversity on our Board, in our workplace and the community overall. We were able to have a discussion that we had not had before, and we had new information to consider. We now see diversity as more of journey rather than a destination.
  The resources offered were new to us and our Board was keenly interested.
 - Executive Director of Non-profit Agency in Vancouver


Our audience appreciated the way Joe presented the material on Board Diversity. His style of engaging the audience and encouraging discussion deepened their understanding of the issues and provided a multilayered perspective.
We value Joe’s commitment to our organization and his professional approach in working with us to deliver our mission, to “Inspire and Build Leadership in the Voluntary Sector”.

Karen Buchamer
Program Director, Vantage Point


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